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First and only private wood museum in Vientiane.

We have a massive collections of wood crafting and paintings from variety of Laos history and ethnic groups . All of our exhibits are harmless to natural, we only use a destroyed root that’s been abandoned around Lao after people burn down the forest into a farm or cut down the trees to make a dam, we turned those wood into an amazing art work.

Passions turn into inspiration to make a change to the world.

I see beauty in every piece of destroyed woods that people think they’re good for nothing and turned them into a masterpiece. I believe that even a death or sick woods still able to shine once again.

Everyday I saw people cutting down trees and export them to other countries, i feel very sorry that one day our country will be no tree left and also feel sad for some tree that people don’t need them because they’re sick and their root is not good for making furniture. I asked myself ‘if I don’t start today, what will I have to show to my grandchild’ I want to show the younger generation that nature of our country used to be very rich and green. If i cannot stop people from cutting down the tree, at least i can add some value to the wood , and let arts tell stories.

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Looking for somewhere to spend your beautiful holiday in Vientiane?

Our museum is very please to welcome you, we are waiting for you to explore the beauty of natural by your own sight, learning some Lao history and Lao culture.

Make your trip memorable and meaningful!

Open everyday 9 am- 5 pm

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Vientiane Museum of Contemporary Art

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